With seasons changing and the weather cooling down, a Fall cleaning-spree may be coming shortly! At Above & Beyond Housekeeping, we are dedicated to creating a clean space for you and your family. What are some areas and things in your home that should be cleaned in time for Fall? Whatever you need to clean in your home, we can take care of it! Here are some areas of your home that may need some attention after the summer months end:

Cleaning Bedrooms

First things first, clean your bedding! Especially anything that isn’t washed regularly – throw pillows, throw blankets, etc. From there, vacuum and flip your mattress. If you have different bedding for the colder months, add that on. This could include flannel sheets or a down comforter. This will all give your room a fresh and clean feel! After taking care of these tasks, dust any dressers or tables in the room and give it a good vacuum.

Living Areas

Since homeowners tend to be home more often due to COVID-19, it’s important to take care of the spaces you use the most. Be sure to have your furniture vacuumed if it is upholstered. Dirty and sits where you sit! Lift the cushions and vacuum underneath as well. If you have wooden furniture like a coffee table, TV stand, or anything like that, you should clean it with wood polish or a safe multi-purpose cleaning solution. Talk to your professional house cleaners about this! Wipe down any computer or TV screens, and dust any pictures frames and accessories. Be sure to sanitize any remote controls or frequently used objects within the room as well.

General Cleaning Around The House

Be sure to wash your walls! You’ll be surprised what comes off of them when you wipe them down, especially if it’s been a while since the last cleaning. After your walls are done, window sills and windows should be next. This will help get rid of any summer dirt and leftover pollen that has been collecting from opening up windows. After the windows are done, start on cleaning any floors that aren’t carpeted. Bathroom floors and kitchen floors can get sticky and dirty faster than you think! Take the time for deep cleaning. Something that you may not think needs to be cleaned is your curtains! Dust and dirt sit on these without really being noticeable – especially at the top of the curtains that aren’t directly visible. 

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