Do you sometimes leave your laundry to get so piled up that taking on this task leaves you feeling like a hamster running on a wheel? The fact that you must wash your clothes at some point in the week is an inevitable one. If it is during the busy sports seasons or hectic periods of your life, the basketfuls of dirty clothes might seem bottomless.

It is impossible to guarantee that laundry can ever be anyone’s favorite pastimes, but there are a few tips you can try for streamlining the process. Learn how you can save time doing your laundry so that you never feel as though you are chained to the washer and dryer.

1. Organizing the Laundry Room

You need a sense of order to serve as the foundation you need when you try to figure out how to make doing your laundry easier. If you have a neat and tidy laundry room, chances are high that you will know the location of everything. It means that you will spend less time looking for dryer sheets or stain sticks.

2. Sorting the Laundry

Organizing the laundry room is obviously an important step, but you should go one step further to reduce the disarray among the dirty clothes. Use separate baskets, hampers, or bins, to separate darks lights, and delicates. You should even consider having an “urgent” basket for clothes that require washing without delay. You should also hang up mesh bags for the socks to save the time of weeding them out of piles of clean laundry. A bit of organization will make a huge difference with regards to finding ways to get your laundry done faster.

3. Not Allowing Your Laundry to Pile Up

If you allow your pile of dirty clothes to get out of hand, you are essentially acting as your own worst enemy. If you really wish to learn how to do your laundry quickly, it is important to tackle it every single day. You can do this in many different ways. For instance, you can consider doing lighter clothes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and darker clothes on Mondays and Wednesdays. Fridays could be for exercise and sports gear as well as school uniforms. Wash your towels and sheets on Saturday and Sunday. You can see where this is going. The bottom line is that you should find a schedule that suits your household best to avoid being welcomed by a musty pile of dirty clothes when you walk in the door.

4. Getting Rid of Excess Clothes

The less the clothes in your home, the less of them you will have to wash. Makes sense, right? So, when you are thinking about ways to make laundry easier, you need to consider going through your closet and donating all clothes that you no longer wear. A good rule of thumb is to get rid of items that you have not worn in the past year or all items that don’t fit.

5. Avoid Skipping the Sorting and Folding

Laundry is not a task that ends once your dryer stops. You will still need to take care of the clean clothes. If not, they will end up piled on your couch or being washed again since they were left in the basket at you don’t remember whether or not they are clean. Fold and hang up clothes once they come out of the dryer to ensure that you are completely done with them. You can even take this to the next level by learning some closet organization tips including color coding.

6. Making It a Multitasking Event

If you want to win points for knowing how to save time doing your laundry, you will have to up the ante with some multitasking. Laundry typically spends a lot of time in either the washer or dryer, and this can be a great time to do other things. Challenge yourself to wipe up your countertop or put away clean dishes while a load of laundry is going or see if you are able to finish doing all the dishes in your sink before the buzzing of your dryer. You can even consider working some fun into the chore: Listen to a podcast or audiobook while stain treating and sorting. When the time to fold comes, you can catch up on episodes of your favorite shows.

Doing the laundry might never get your excited, but the tips provided here should help you figure out how to manage your time better.

If life is keeping your too busy that you find it hard to wash your clothes, you should consider hiring a professional to do it for you. Your local Above and Beyond Housekeeping is here to provide a helping hand with your housekeeping tasks so that you have more time to relax and unwind.