You may know already that basic household items such as vinegar and lemons can be used to clean things. Are you ready to hear something surprising? Old dryer sheets can also be used as part of your daily housekeeping regimen.

Yes, that’s right. Dryer sheets have so many different uses other than just knocking out the static from loads of towels or bedsheets. Check out some of the incredible methods that dryer sheets can be used for other than in the laundry room.

Use Dryer Sheets To Dust

Dryer sheets, of course, are well-known for being able to “soften” fabrics through taming static electricity. Those same properties may come in handy whenever you are cleaning the fuzz or dust off of your household items. The following are some other ways you can use dryer sheets:

Wipe down computer monitors and television screens
Clean your ceiling fan blades
Get rid of dust on mini-blinds, windowsills, and baseboards
Remove pet hair from your furniture
Clear dust off of bookshelves, sideboards, tables, and other wood furniture

Use Dryer Sheets for Cleaning Spills Up

I’m sure you have dropped a bag of flour on your kitchen floor or knocked over a bottle of baby powder. Just the thought of having to clean up those fine messes may cause you to go into a mini-panic attack if you have. But you don’t need to cry about spilled powder anymore! Those same properties that allow dryer sheets to take on static make them really incredible helpers when it comes to clean dry spills up.

Using Dryer Sheets For Bathroom Cleaning

Apart from the occasional stray square falling out of a towel, a majority of people probably don’t ever think about dryer sheets when they are in their bathrooms. However, believe it or not, they can be put to work in that part of your house, also. Here is how:

Wipe dust from the base of your toilet, toilet tank, vanity ledges, and cabinets
Buff your bathroom mirrors
Polish chrome fixtures on the sink or in the shower
Clean up beard clippings or makeup from your sink basin
Scrub soap scum off of shower doors and tile

A Few Other Uses For Dryer Sheets

Those small squares may also be useful when you are in a hurry to leave your house, whether you are headed out to dinner with friends, a play date, or going to work. The following are some ways that you can use dryer sheets to help you out:

Wipe smudges off of your glasses
Erase deodorant marks from clothing
Taming flyaway hairs
Eliminate static that is caused by shirts sticking to sweaters and skirt clinging to nylons
Clean pet hair off clothes

From cleaning powder spills up and get rid of dust on a computer monitor to getting rid of deodorant marks and scrubbing shower doors, upcycling dryer sheet can have many useful purposes around your house.

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