Paper is a harmless thing, isn’t it? Usually, it is clean and one single sheet of paper does not take up lots of room. Some paper is colorful and bright. But, when paper is left to go unchecked, it can add to clutter around the house and take over, leaving you with piles of paper on desks, countertops and more.

Let go of the cycle of paper clutter! Here are some tips for keeping paper clutter under control so your home looks neat and tidy.

Begin by Purging Papers

Already have tons of paper around? No problem. Simply grab a basket or trash can for recycling and get busy. Throw away any old junk mail, magazines, receipts, and cards. Go through your wallet and purse while you are at it and tackle the papers there, too.

Get a Shredder

It is common for people to get blindsided by paper clutter because they need to hold onto certain items like tax returns, canceled checks or bank statements. There are limits to how long you need to hang onto these things so in the meantime you must invest in a good shredder. Go through the piles of paper and shred whatever you no longer need. You can reduce those paper piles with a shredder that is relatively inexpensive.

Tackle Mail Right Away

A good way to cut back on paper clutter is to keep it from growing in the first place. The moment you get home with your mail, toss anything irrelevant into a bin which you keep by the door. Place bills and other important mail into a nearby letter holder. You might hang one on the wall or have an inbox at a desk. As soon as you get any new magazines in the mail recycle the old ones. By doing this you will keep your magazine collection from sprouting. Remember to get rid of circulars and junk mail as soon as you receive it.

Go Paperless

There are a lot of companies that let you store your important statements and bills online. Take advantage of any service offered by your utility company or bank so that you can store items online rather than by holding onto the paper versions. You only need to sign up to receive online versions and the information you submit is always secure. If you have magazines, opt for online subscriptions versus the hard copies. These may save you money as well as clutter!
Eliminate Your Junk Mail

There is nothing more annoying than junk mail. Circulars from stores you do not shop at are unnecessary, but they arrive at your door anyway. What can you do about it? You can ask various companies, stores, and charities to take your name off the mailing list. This is going to save them money and save you the worry of handling additional clutter. Another step to take is to go to the Federal Trade Commission website and sign on to avoid being mailed pre-screened offers for credit or insurance.

Another tactic you can use is a simple one. Tape a sign to your mailbox on the inside. Have it read, Please No Circulars! You will be free of annoying junk mail before you know it.

If you do not keep on top of paper clutter it can really pile up. It is one of the easiest types of clutter to eliminate and you can eliminate it with a bit of planning and strategizing. By taking these steps your home will look like a home and not a recycling center!

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