Vacuuming might seem like it is a no-brainer. Just plug your appliance it, turn it on, and you are all set, right? This is true to a point, but it is possible as well that it might be taking longer than is necessary in order to get this task done. Fortunately, we do have some tips for you that can be into your vacuuming routine to prevent this task from sucking all of your free time up.

Learn how to do your vacuuming like a true professional, so that you can use your time doing something other than cleaning your house.

1. Make a Plan

To save time on vacuuming, first of all, you need to come up with your game plan. So the first thing you need to do is map the rooms that you will be cleaning from the beginning to the end. In order to know what the best order is to clean a house. For instance, you always want to do any dusting that is needed before you clean your floors. If you don’t, you might end up having to vacuum twice in order to gather up the fallen dust bunnies. If you make a plan it will help to streamline all of your efforts so every minute really counts.

2. Ensure That Your Vacuum Cleaner Is Clean

Before you start with your housework, it is very important that your vacuum is clean first. Why is that? It is because the appliance needs to have enough airflow to function properly. If the canister is full or the filter happens to be coated with dust, your vacuuming will not be nearly as effective. So save time on vacuuming by making sure that you are set up to be successful by having a clean machine that is prepared to get the task done right.

3. First Tidy Up

You know already that you should do your dusting before you vacuum. However, it also is important to take a couple of means to clear up the floors up in all of your rooms that are you are working on. That is a great way to help you save your time while vacuuming since you won’t need to bend down to pick random items up as you are vacuuming across the room. Also, it can prevent you from sucking things up that might damage your vacuum or become tangled up with the beater bar and prevent you from tripping while you are cleaning.

4. Learn How to Vacuum Properly

It might appear like there isn’t much to hoovering around the living room floor or common areas. When it comes to properly using these appliances, however, there are a few ground rules. Ensuring that you know how to vacuum properly can cause your efforts to be much more efficient and help you with keeping your machine in good operating order.

5. Vacuum on a Regular Basis

Over the long run, you will save time that when you are maintaining a regular housekeeping schedule that involves vacuuming. Think about this: if you floors are cared for throughout the week, then there will be less dirt that accumulates. That can result in fewer passes needing to be made with the appliance, which means you will save time on your vacuuming. So if you aren’t sure about how frequently your house needs to have this kind of cleaning, then check this post out to learn how often you should vacuum.

So as you can tell, knowing how you can vacuum more productively can help you cut down on how much time it takes to finish a task. However, if you have a really hectic life, and barely have any time to eat, let alone vacuum your house, call Above & Beyond Housekeeping. We are very happy to help you with your housekeeping so that you have some time for yourself.