Home Improvement Projects That You Should Hire a Professional For

Owning a home is a major asset that could even bring you a profit later in life, but the upfront costs can feel daunting. After the down payment and all the extras that come with owning a home, there’s still money to be spent on home improvements. Unless you’ve found the perfect home, you’ll likely need to shell out a little extra cash to transform it into your dream home. In some cases, you can make the fixes yourself. When it comes to the more challenging improvements, it’s best to call in a pro. Hiring a professional may cost more money, but there’s something to be said for quality work, hard labor, and skills and time that you don’t have. Below are three common home improvement projects that can benefit from professional attention.

Window Replacement

When bad weather hits, the faults in your windows begin to show. Windows that are poorly insulated will let in the cold weather, and improperly constructed windows can lead to rain leaks. There are plenty of options when choosing window replacements: sliding, bay, picture, stationary, single-hung, double-hung, and more. Your choice will depend on how you want the window(s) to look and function. Some window repair jobs can be done without professional help, but a full replacement will likely require more than you can manage on your own.

Average cost: $500 per window (double, if replacing frames), plus labor

You can save money by using lower-cost materials and shopping around for affordable labor. A high-efficiency window will also save you on future heating and cooling costs.

Upscale Kitchen Remodel

A nice kitchen is the envy of every cook, host, and domestic dweller. When you see a kitchen with a large island, backsplash, sleek countertops, and cabinets galore, you might find yourself wanting the same thing. It’s no surprise that kitchen remodel jobs are among the most popular home improvement projects. Replacing your counter and sink can upgrade the appearance of your home, and adding backsplash tiles can make an outdated kitchen look more modern. Plus, an island, a quality cooking range, and new cabinet shelves can improve the functionality and convenience of your cooking experience.

Average cost: $80,000 for an upgrade

To save money on the kitchen remodel, prioritize what you want and focus on one project at a time. You can also opt for less expensive items or features and still have an updated kitchen with a wow factor.


Many homeowners move into older homes that are covered in carpet and outdated linoleum, and the first thing they want to do is replace the floors. Installing new floors can bring your home into the 21st century, with beautiful options like hardwood, tile, laminate, stone, and marble. Your choice will depend on what style and design you’re trying to achieve. Wood flooring gives a warmer feel, while marble has an elegant look. Swapping out carpet for hard flooring will make for a colder home in the winter, so don’t forget to budget for tasteful area rugs to heighten the room’s design and provide some warmth for your feet.

Average Cost: $4.83 per square foot and up, plus labor

This handy calculator can provide numbers for your flooring project, as well as point you toward local professional contractors to handle the job.

Do It Yourself

Before you shell out thousands on contractors, consider whether you can safely do the job yourself. With the right tools, tutorials, and materials, some projects can be completed without professional help. If it doesn’t require special equipment, electrical work, or demolition, then it could be a DIY job instead of contracted work. Visit a home improvement store to buy supplies for easier projects.

Starting any home repair project means that you’ll need to clear the space in your home so that there’s nothing in the contractor’s way. When budgeting for repairs, include the cost of short-term storage into the total amount. Take note that Sinking Spring storage unit prices are less predictable than other cities, as they tend to fluctuate throughout the year by about $122.00 per month. Be sure to shop around for the best deal. You’ll also want to budget for a cleaning service to tidy up after a major renovation. Look for pros in your area who can handle the job quickly and for the right price.

Home ownership comes with pros and cons. The biggest pro is that you get to build equity through monthly house payments. Additionally, no one can raise your rent or tell you what color to paint your walls. However, the cost of repairs and maintenance on top of a mortgage can make owning a home feel like a bigger burden than renting. Consider all of these factors when you’re budgeting your housing costs, and don’t hesitate to leave the hard jobs for the pros.