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we take a great deal of pride in our work. We believe that this, along with our dedication to communication, honesty, consistency and reliability, is what makes us totally different for all the others. The first time we come to your home, we do an initial deep spring cleaning. From the cobwebs in the corners of the vaulted ceilings to the gunk under the stove that can no longer be identified....we get it all. Once your initial deep spring cleaning has be completed, we are ready to maintain your home. Each time Above and Beyond cleans your home we not only perform a thorough cleaning but we also take the time and initiative to do the little extras that make a difference.

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Our Mission

Why Hire a Cleaning Company?

Most of us enjoy spending time in a peaceful, clutter-free, clean home. Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that many of us don´t have the time or desire to dust, wax, polish, scrub floors and tidy up everything just the way we’d like. Generally, housecleaning is not on the list of favorite activities. Family, relaxation and personal activities take up a majority of time, pushing housekeeping down on the list.  Help with weekly maintenance, regular cleaning, or occasional cleaning projects can be a sanity and time saver, allowing you to focus on what you need to do and enjoy doing.

Save time & money

You may not have the time or energy to meticulously clean your home during the week, and you also like to spend quality time with family and friends on the weekends. Not only will hiring a cleaning service save you tons of time and free up your already-busy schedule, but you won’t have to buy cleaning products as often because the maid service provides them.  An added bonus: you can invite people over anytime without worry.


Don’t sell yourself short, your time is extremely valuable. Don't believe it? Just calculate how much you make per hour, and multiply it by the amount of time it will take to thoroughly clean your home.  Chances are it’s much less expensive to hire a house cleaning service, than to do it yourself. Good cleaning services know how to work efficiently to get the job done right, and in a timely matter.

Pamper yourself

Just as you splurge on a manicure, pedicure, or other fun activity, spoil yourself by hiring a house cleaning service. The second you open the door to a spotless, clean smelling home, you’ll be hooked!

Less Stress 

Enlisting the help of a house cleaning service will reduce the pressure of having to constantly clean and pick up. You’d be surprised how weighed down you feel when your house is always messy.  Also, living in a messy or dirty home can send your stress level sky rocketing.  Let’s face it; no one likes putting in a hard day at work and going home to even more work to be done (cleaning).  A dirty home becomes an item on your already big to do list, looming over your head till you finally make the time to do it, generally giving up something fun or enjoyable that you would rather be doing.


Helpful Cleaning Tips

To pick up cat hair, put on a wet rubber dish-washing glove and wipe your hand over surfaces. The hair will stick right to it.

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