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we take a great deal of pride in our work. We believe that this, along with our dedication to communication, honesty, consistency and reliability, is what makes us totally different for all the others. The first time we come to your home, we do an initial deep spring cleaning. From the cobwebs in the corners of the vaulted ceilings to the gunk under the stove that can no longer be identified....we get it all. Once your initial deep spring cleaning has be completed, we are ready to maintain your home. Each time Above and Beyond cleans your home we not only perform a thorough cleaning but we also take the time and initiative to do the little extras that make a difference.

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Our Mission

We are proud to be serving Berks County Pennsylvania

About Above and Beyond

dustpanMy name is Ellen Johnston. I have been the working owner of a home cleaning service company for 11 years. I started Ellen’s Cleaning Service because I enjoyed cleaning so much I wanted to do it for others.

Soon after I started cleaning for a living I saw a need for a cleaning service that would pay attention to the littlest detail, not one that would come and go so quickly it left a trail of dust as it rushed out the door, heading for the next job. So, Above & Beyond Housekeeping was born!

When an Above & Beyond Clean Team comes to your home, we don’t just dust the top of something, we dust the top, bottom, back and front, cleaning every nook and cranny and everything in between, just the way you would. And when your clean team is finished, your home looks like a showroom!

Additionally, once you are assigned a clean team, that is the same team that will visit you from week to week. You will always know who is ringing your doorbell when Above & Beyond comes to clean. It is these detailed services and attention to customer satisfaction that has made Above & Beyond what it is today!

bucketReasons to Choose Above and Beyond


1.  Affordable

We strive to customize a plan that is the most cost effective for you home and budget.  We will beat any other price you are currently paying or have been quoted for the same services.

2.  Reliable and dependable 

 We realize that you depend on Above and Beyond housekeeping to keep your home clean.  We pride ourselves on being reliable.  We believe that life happens and if for some reason your cleaning specialist is unavailable for the day, we try to work with your schedule to schedule an alternate day for your cleaning or send a replacement specialist.  We try our VERY hardest to NEVER miss a cleaning.

3.  Flexible

We understand that sometimes situations come up that may make it inconvenient for you to have us clean on your regular scheduled cleaning day.  Just give us a call and we will do our best to work with you on choosing another day for us to service your cleaning needs.

4.  Quick Learning Curve 

Every one of our clients cleans their home differently.  We strive to learn as quickly as we can your particular cleaning needs, making the transition to having your home cleaned by Above and Beyond as easy as possible.

5.  Customer Service 

We take pride in our customer service policies.  If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the way your home was cleaned, just give us a call within 24 hours and we will come out to re-clean that area free of charge, till you are totally happy.

6.  Screening and training 

Above and Beyond conducts a criminal background check, drug test and driver's license check prior to hiring any new cleaning specialists, and quarterly thereafter.  Additionally we do intensive investigation of all references.  No one is EVER hired if any of their background is questionable...EVER.

7.  Federal, state, local labor laws 

We comply with all Federal, State and local labor laws so you don't have to.  You never have to worry about your cleanings specialist's worker's compensation or taxes.  If you were to hire a private individual, this would not be the case.  You would be responsible to cover these expenses.

8.  Bonded, insured and secure

Above and Beyond Housekeeping is bonded and insured for your protection.  In fact, when we come to conduct an estimate in your home, you are provided with proof of our insurance.  If you provide Above and Beyond with a key or code to gain entry to your home, it is coded in a way that no one will be able to link it to your home.  Additionally, all keys are kept in a safe till the morning of your cleaning and returned at the end of the day to the safe.

9.  Training and experience 

All of Above and Beyond Housekeeping specialists are trained for many months.  Everyone is trained to perform the same tasks in the same manner every time.  Our cleaning specialists are also trained to keep an eye out for any special needs you may have and report them to the field supervisor or owner so we can better tailor our program to suit your needs.  At Above and Beyond, our specialized floor cleaning techniques provide you with a cleaner floor than any other service provides.  Additionally,  all shower doors and outside windows are treated with RAIN-X to prevent hard water build up. 

10.  Equipment and supplies 

Above and Beyond supplies all the necessary equipment and cleaning products to clean your home.  We also provide you with a new mop that stays at your home and is used for your home ONLY.  No cross contamination is ever allowed.


Helpful Cleaning Tips

To pick up cat hair, put on a wet rubber dish-washing glove and wipe your hand over surfaces. The hair will stick right to it.

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